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What we do

We have conceptualised and executed multiple projects in the two short years that we have been active. Following are the flagship projects we are currently running:


As we moved forward with OneLive, we got feedback from many students that they would like to get one to one mentoring during their study period. Since we already had a good network of resource people through our OneLive program we conceptualised a mentoring program branded ScholarX.

ScholarX is an exclusive 3-month program aimed at providing mentoring support to a selected pool of high potential undergraduate students based in Sri Lanka ideally by a Sri Lankan expat. ScholarX became our free premium mentoring program by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankans working towards creating a culture of knowledge and expertise sharing without the limitation of geographical borders. Just like the OneLive program our mentors were from Fortune500 companies(Google, Oracle etc.:) and top Universities (University of Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford etc.:)

Apart from the main ScholarX program, we have also conducted a number of other mentoring programs to support Google Summer of Code applicants and Imagine Cup applicants from Sri Lanka.

We have paired over 200+ students and mentors with more than 2500+ mentoring hours logged in.

International Research Council-IRC

One of the major contributors to lack of innovation in Sri Lanka is lack of research. Therefore, we decided to promote research among Sri Lankan University students. As we progressed with OneLive and ScholarX, we realised there is a good pool of Sri Lankan researchers all around the world doing ground breaking research. We wanted to tell their story to the local students so they would be inspired to pick research careers. In order to do this task, we created the International Research Council (IRC).

IRC is a community created by the Sustainable Education Foundation to showcase the work of Sri Lankan researchers who are spread all around the world. One of the main goals of IRC is to provide a digital platform to connect our community of Sri Lankan researchers who are actively pursuing research projects in various fields all over the world and make their research easily accessible and comprehensible to the masses.

We have gathered around 100+ researchers so far and published more than 25+ stories of Sri Lankan researchers through our social media channels.

University Outreach Programs and Public Talks

Deviating from our digital approach to knowledge dissemination, we have conducted physical events in Universities and public events throughout Sri Lanka. Most of the University outreach programs are done in collaboration with the student organisations within the Universities. Depending on their request, we organise events providing the resource people for the talks. Most of the public talks are conducted whenever an expat comes to Sri Lanka for a visit. During their stay we would arrange a talk or a workshop where the public can attend and engage.

So far we have conducted 15+ physical events with 2000+ student participation throughout Sri Lanka.


AcadeMix aims to curate a collection of free education resources available for Sri Lankan students to maximise their learning potential from Primary through to Post Graduate education and beyond.

Overtime our goal is to grow content on AcadeMix so that it becomes the go to consolidated platform for students in Sri Lanka for additional academic support and reduce the dependency that students and parents rely on paid tuition to supplement studies.

If you have a website, blog or channel that features free education content to support curriculum in Sri Lanka, do share with us

Student Ambassador Program

Student ambassadors are our student representatives within the Universities in Sri Lanka. They act as our liaison, organising events to promote our programs with their fellow student communities. Our Student Ambassadors are then trained by a diverse group of industry experts over a 5 month free personal development program to equip them with high demand skills required by employers making them future ready by graduation, including time management, adaptability, collaboration and business communication.

We have had 50+ student ambassadors in the past and in the current batch we have 20+ student ambassadors from majority of the Universities all around the country.


While our founder Akshika was studying in University, he saw a gap in the Sri Lankan University students and the industry/academia expectations, especially of students from outstation Universities. This was mainly due to the lack of quality workshops and talks organised in outstation Universities in Sri Lanka from Subject Matter Experts. In order to bridge the gap, he came up with an interactive webinar series branded OneLive. This was conducted as a Facebook Live event, allowing students from anywhere in Sri Lanka and the world to interact with the speakers in real time.

Through OneLive, we have managed to invite Sri Lankans from Fortune500 companies like Google, Apple etc.: and Sri Lankans from top Universities in the world (including University of Stanford, University of Princeton etc.:)

We have conducted 50+ OneLives so far, with 250,000+ unique viewers in aggregate. Check appendix for the full list of OneLives.