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Beyond 2022

With the skills and capabilities we have managed to grow in house and the capabilities we have been able to source from our OneLive, IRC and ScholarX network, our outlook for the future is as follows:


Work towards improving the learning experience of Sri Lanka students by engaging in projects that will improve English comprehension skills and STEM subject knowledge of Sri Lankan students. We would like to also explore the power of artificial intelligence to improve the learning experience of local students with the ability to offer customizable learning pathways to students that connects multi-disciplines across experience levels. Our mentoring program will later be moved to a platform where mentoring can be democratized with the aim of providing every University student in Sri Lanka with a personal mentor from industry or academia. We have also noticed there are subjects currently not taught in school curriculums that are critical for employability. So we would like to work on creating content for these subjects where any student can take these courses on proactively in their own free time.


We would continue to improve research in Sri Lanka, where our final goal is to bring Sri Lankan research to a stage where we can compete with international research bodies. Our mentoring platform would be extended to accommodate research mentorship as well as opportunities for students. These opportunities could then lead to scholarship opportunities with guidance to apply as well as grants which can be used to do research within Sri Lanka without the risk of losing talent to academic exports. We will also be encouraging research-tourism. A concept, where international researchers would come and work in Sri Lankan research institutes for a short period of time. By doing this we plan to bring in international knowledge and experience to Sri Lankan research bodies.

Policy and Infrastructure

We would like to provide our knowledge to the policy making processes in education. Our experience in running this organisation in the last 3 years as well as working closely with Sri Lankan students, we have a good understanding of the requirements of the students as well as the industry standards. We also have a good set of Subject Matter Experts of Sri Lankan origin from all around the world who are working in Fortune 500 companies as well as top tier Universities. With our experiences and our network’s knowledge we would like to suggest policy changes to the education system in Sri Lanka. We would also like to help make data driven decisions with the help of Machine Learning driving better education outcomes.

We would also look into uplifting education infrastructure in Sri Lanka. Some examples would be to improve the internet connectivity of rural areas. With our expertise in computer science and telecommunications we would be able to come up with cheap and sustainable ways to extend cell tower range, providing internet to all the people in Sri Lanka. We would also like to improve the standard of Sri Lankan Universities and Degree awarding bodies by creating a platform to capture student experiences.

This would keep the universities and institutes honest and accountable to constantly improve their delivery and provide exceptional service to their students.

In order to drive this vision we aspire to be invited to sit on secondary and tertiary education institutions Board of Directors or as Independent Consultants to influence decision making with regard to education policies and infrastructure.